Pre Planning Funeral Services

Pre Planning Funeral Services


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Our Pre Paid Funeral Plans

Pre-planning or pre-paying for your funeral can protect your loved ones from unnecessary stress related to making difficult decisions at an emotional time and relieve them from any financial burden.

Top 5 reasons for pre-paying your funeral

Financial benefits

fixed at today’s prices: see how with a calculator below.


Removes burden on your family


Peace of mind


Secure investment through a friendly society


You control how your funeral proceeds

AMAR Pre Planning Services

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What are my payment options?

There are two ways to make payments for a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan. You can pay for your Pre- Paid Funeral Plan in a lump sum or by instalments.  If I pay for my funeral now, who keeps the money?

If I pay for my funeral now, who keeps the money?

The money you pay for your Pre-Paid Funeral Plan is held secure by an independent entity such as a friendly society or trustee company and is properly invested and safeguarded until such time as the funeral services under the Pre-Paid Funeral Plan are required. Only then will the funds be released to the Funeral Director.

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What does a Pre-paid Funeral Plan include?

A Pre-Paid Funeral Plan is designed to reflect your wishes and therefore can include whatever you wish. Some options to consider include:

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This include:
  • The type and style of funeral service
  • Preparation of the body and viewing arrangements
  • Burial or cremation
  • The specific cemetery or crematorium
  • Type of coffin or casket
  • Minister or Celebrant
  • Memorial book and memorial cards
  • Death notices, flowers, mourning vehicles, etc.
  • Special features you would like to include, such as a poem or piece of music.

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