International Repatriation Services

International Repatriation Services



Repatriations Services

Our company has had vast experience working alongside consular offices around the world to repatriate citizens as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The death of a family member overseas is often complicated by the distance, unusual customs, procedures and language barriers. Often the reference point for the surviving family members is the procedures and customs they are familiar with from their home country. We strive to overcome these barriers using our local knowledge and network of agents that we have worked with in the past. At all times we insist that all partners and stakeholders we deal with maintain the same professionalism and commitment as we do to assist the repatriation swiftly and effectively.

Our team members are multi-lingual and demonstrate a strong multi-cultural awareness. We can communicate effectively in French, English, German, Thai and Russian. We are also able to link up and help overseas funeral directors with repatriation logistics, to and from, anywhere in the world.


AMAR Repatriation Company

The repatriation process involves gathering important documentation coupled with supporting information as required.

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This include:
  • Preparation of the deceased for transportation in accordance with local requirements
  • A coffin or casket suitable for international transportation
  • Coordinate documentation, permits and flights
  • Complete document service
  • Translation of documents
  • Flight for deceased, clearances and transfer to airport
  • Collection and return of luggage and personal effects

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